Dave Barlia is one of the worlds most experienced BASE jumpers & wingsuit flyers. He’s been actively BASE jumping since 1991 & is one of the first modern day wingsuit flyers. He has many firsts to his list of accomplishments, including snowboard BASE jumps, human slingshots, wingsuit BASE jumps & pioneering jumps from some of the earth’s largest cliffs on Baffin Island. Dave has performed jumps in many worldwide TV commercials & been featured in numerous action sport films. In 1999, he was the feature of a one hour NBC TV special. 
Throughout his career, Dave has maintained a perfect safety record. 
  • 29 Years Skydiving
  • 28 Years BASE jumping
  • Wingsuit BASE jumping since 1999 – One of the sports pioneers.
  • Voted one of Americas top 50 adventure athletes
  • Subject of a one hour NBC TV special
  • Winner of 2011 Pro BASE World Cup – wingsuit race
  • Fixed wing aircraft pilot, hot air balloon pilot/instructor, ultralight aircraft instructor, Paraglider pilot, IRATA rope access tech, Wilderness First Responder.
  • Nissan “Nismo Vs Wingsuit”
    Director: Nigel Simpkiss, Firecracker Films
  • Chrysler 200 “React To The Road”
    Director: Klaus Obermeyer, Aero Films
  • O2 Drinking Water (Germany) “Wingsuit”
    Director: Chris Patterson, Alpine Films
  • Sony Playstation “Motorstorm”
    Director: Klaus Obermeyer, Aero Films
  • Energizer Batteries “E2”
    DDB Productions
  • Mountain Dew/Pepsi “Grandmas”
    Propaganda Films
  • Wrigleys Gum “Parachute”
  • Goldstar TV's (Korea) “Wide”
  • Bailey's Irish Cream “Dare”
  • Verizon Fios “Wingsuit”
    Director: Rob Cohen, MacGuffin Films
  • Suzuki Grand Vitara
    Director: Klaus Obermeyer, Aero Films
  • Bank of America “Wingsuit”
    Director: Klaus Obermeyer, Aero Films
  • Mountain Dew/Pepsi “Duet”
    Director: Kinka Usher, House of Usher
  • Mountain Dew/Pepsi “Fathers”
    Propaganda Films
  • Jupiler Beer (Belgium) “Jupiler Man”
  • Gillette “You Know The Feeling”
  • Blockbuster Video “One World”
  • Hollywood Gum “Brazil”
  • Timberland Shoes
  • International Defense Expo – Abu Dhabi – Wingsuit demonstration team
  • Top Gear - China
  • Nissan Outdoor Games  wrote, produced & wingsuit jumps in award winning film “The Red Helmet”
  • Spike TV  voted one of Americas top 50 adventure athletes
  • Cold Fusion  Warren Miller ski film – Wingsuit BASE jumps
  • Warren Miller's Global Adventure  One hour TV show documenting my tour of Europe
  • Banff Mountain Film Festival  “Kjerag” – short film voted as a finalist – documenting my snowboard BASE jumps 
  • TB7 snowboard film – snowboard BASE jumps in Norway
  • Core Culture  Nationally syndicated TV show – Baffin Island Expedition
  • Extreme World Records  Segment on worlds highest snowboard BASE jumps (3000 ft cliff in Norway)
  • Global Addiction Motocross film – wingsuit jumps Grand Canyon
  • Los Alamos  ski film – BASE jump segment
  • Terra Firma Motocross film – snowboard BASE jump segment
  • Ride TV Segment on snowboard BASE jumps
  • Children Of A Metal God Motocross film – motorcycle base jumps in Grand Canyon
  • Board Wild  2 different segments
  • Good Stuff  skydiving film – ski & snowboard BASE jumps
  • Masters Of Stone 4  Switzerland BASE jumps
  • Action TV  3 different segments
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain  BASE jumps for Spring promotion
  • CNBC  interview & profile
  • Playground  Warren Miller ski film – wingsuit slope flying, Alaska
  • Higher Ground  Warren Miller ski film – Wingsuit terrain flying, Chamonix France
  • Dave Barlia Extreme Stuntman  NBC TV special 
  • Super Bowl XXXVIII  pre game show BASE jumps/Safety team
  • Texas 4D  skydives over San Antonio for 3D film 
  • Ripley’s Believe It Or Not  World Record mile long bungy jump
  • Masters of Stone 5  Baffin Island BASE jumps
  • Ordinary Extrordinary  Nationally syndicated TV show – ski BASE jumps Baffin Island
  • Malibu Film Festival  winner of best documentary – produced, directed & edited film on my Baffin Island expedition
  • Around the World 2  BASE jumping film – Angel Falls BASE jumps
  • Elevation Magazine Film Festival  Winner of ‘crowd favorite’ film – Baffin Island Expedition
  • I Dare You  UPN network – personal profile segment
  • Real TV  4 different segments (snowboard BASE jumps Baffin Island ski BASE jumps, N.E. Baffin Expedition, personal profile)
  • TB5  snowboard film – snowboard BASE jumps, Switzerland
  • How’d They Do That  segment on Baffin Island Expedition
  • Euro Sport  2 different segments
  • Bogner Films  IMAX film – BASE jumps, Switzerland
  • Modern Marvels ‘Parachutes  Baffin Island BASE jumps
  • Extreme 16  show featuring adventure films & athletes
  • Inside Edition  interview & profile

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